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A carefully curated list of online content, tools, and useful links to help guide and support your IAM learning path.

IAM Policy Validator for AWS CloudFormation

A command line tool that takes a CloudFormation template, parses the IAM policies attached to IAM roles, users, groups, and resources then runs them through IAM Access Analyzer validation checks.

Added on Oct 19, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer


AWS FM is a weekly audio show hosted by Adam Elmore and live via Twitter Spaces. Adam interviews folks from around the AWS community. Shoutout to IAM Pulse Community member Paul Swail, the inaugural guest on AWS FM.

Added on Oct 19, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

Google Cloud Security Podcast

Hosts Timothy Peacock and Anton Chuvakin engage industry experts and staff from Google and Google Cloud on an array of cloud security topics. Their site also includes helpful resources from each episode.

Added on Oct 06, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer


High quality and independent AWS content from Andreas and Michael Wittig. Free articles, podcast episodes, and videos. Their site also includes a Complete AWS IAM Reference guide.

Added on Oct 05, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

IAM Vulnerable

IAM Vulnerable uses the Terraform binary and your AWS credentials to deploy over 250 IAM resources into your selected AWS account. Within minutes, you can start learning how to identify and exploit vulnerable IAM configurations that allow for privilege escalation.

Added on Oct 05, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

IAM Dataset

This consolidated AWS IAM dataset is a series of tools to develop a comprehensive map (map.json) from SDK calls to IAM actions, and evaluation of managed policies.

Added on Oct 04, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

Effective IAM for AWS

A comprehensive guide for Cloud engineers who design, develop, and review AWS IAM security policies in their daily work. You can find Chapter 3: Why AWS IAM is So Hard to Use, as an article on our Topics page.

Added on Oct 01, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

Cloud Security Podcast

A weekly video and audio podcast hosted by Ashish Rajan, featuring cloud security experts and leaders. Kudos on being vendor neutral and engaging impressive and diverse guests.

Added on Oct 01, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

Last Week in AWS Security

Security summaries and snark by the infamous Corey Quinn.

Added on Sep 30, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

tl;dr sec

Clint Gibler’s curated summaries of the best security research, blog posts, tools, and conference talks.

Added on Sep 30, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

Awesome IAM

Identity and Access Management Knowledge for Cloud Platforms.

Added on Sep 30, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

AWS Security Workshops

A collection of the latest AWS Security workshops.

Added on Sep 30, 2021 by Ivan Dwyer

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