Navigate IAM the IAM Pulse Way

IAM - the single cloud service that touches everything, yet the most widely misunderstood. Get a taste for how we're bringing clarity to the domain through a shared visual design language.

IAM Pulse Map


Follow access vectors that determine access outcomes


Model how identities, objects, and policies are related


Calculate effective permission sets from applicable policies


Determine when and where context is applied and evaluated


Inspect diffs to measure the impact of potential changes

Coming Soon

We're working on an interactive policy simulation tool to model and visualize Terraform code – subscribe for updates. In the meantime, follow along with the example scenarios below that help answer hard questions about IAM.

What's the IAM Scenario?

Follow example "what if" scenarios that demonstrate our fresh visual approach to tackling head-scratching IAM challenges

Traversing Access Paths From a Specific AWS RDS Instance

Working backward from a resource to see who can access it based on which policie...


Handling Implicit Differences in AWS IAM Defaults

What happens when you encounter implicit differences in AWS services?


Changing AWS S3 Shadow Permissions

Removing S3:* in favor of explicit actions to better control access to sensitive...


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