IAM Delighted You're Here!


IAM Delighted You're Here!

Olympia Trumbower
Olympia Trumbower
Head of Community at IAM Pulse
Sep 15, 2021

Welcome to the IAM Pulse Community!

We’re delighted to have you here and we genuinely want this community to become your go-to place for all things IAM. As an invitation-only community, we’re intentional about remaining focused on the cloud practice while creating a safe and trusted space where our members can show up authentically and enthusiastically to share and learn from one another.

Our IAM Pulse Community team is small but mighty and we pledge to make your membership and participation a positive and informative experience!

  • Ivan Dwyer is one of our co-founders and CEO plus the guy with all the IAM puns and dad jokes. Buckle up.
  • Christer Edwards refers to himself as a recovering DevOps Engineer. He’s our Technical Advocate living his best camper van life exploring Utah’s natural wonders - we’re all jealous. Consider Christer your Yoda for content submissions and questions.
  • As for me, IAM honored to be the Head of Community for IAM Pulse - limiting myself to one IAM pun for now. Collective learning and putting knowledge into practice guide our approach to building and fostering this community. I personally apply this with my two young kids when jamming out in the car to ‘90s hip hop as we recite lyrics appropriate for use at school - “Insane in the membrane!” - Everyone wins.

Since IAM Pulse is just starting off, you’ll see our Community team experimenting with fun and creative ways to engage our members, share helpful resources, and promote thoughtful contributions. I’m extending an open invitation for you to send feedback or ideas to the IAM Pulse Team so we can make this community a standout one among the many you’ve joined.

As you’ll see on our Community Page, we’re developing a top contributor program which we’re proudly naming IAM Legend because who doesn’t want to be a legend? We’ll be sharing more in an upcoming post. We’d love for you to consider playing a ROLE (final pun, I promise) as a fellow cloud enthusiast!

Stay tuned!

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